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We support our consulting services with a portfolio of tools and services that include training and learning solutions, materials and assessments for the organization, teams, and individuals.

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Team Diagnostics Covers

Team assessments that will take your team to a new level.

The Team Benchmark™ family of online team diagnostics provide clear, informative reports that reveal your team's greatest strengths and hidden weaknesses. Each topic includes questions designed to help your team understand their results and begin a dialog on how to improve their team dynamic.

The Board Strength Survey Now Available from Governance Cornerstone

The Board Strength Survey is a robust and comprehensive online assessment that will highlight the path to increased governance effectiveness.

DISC Personality Profile Covers

Gain Powerful Insight into your Behavioral Style

This unique educational instrument is based on the time-tested DISC theory that provides powerful insights into your work and social style. It will enable you to discover and define how you view yourself and how you want others to see you. And through that process, you will learn more about the real you - a person who might be slightly different than you thought.

Organizational Profile Covers

Gain new insight into your organizations greatest challenges and opportunities

The Organizational Profile®

The Organizational Profile provides a customized, efficient, and cost-effective method to measure and evaluate the climate in your organization.

The Organizational Change Profile®

The Organizational Change Profile helps clients to measure their culture and capabilities against the attributes of highly adaptive organizations allowing them to quickly identify areas that need to be strengthened in order to be more effective in changing environments.

The PaceSetter 360

The Triaxia PaceSetter® 360°. Drive executive performance and motivate change.

The real test of a 360° assessment instrument is twofold:

  • valid factors (often called leadership competencies or success factors) that truly drive leadership performance
  • a report format that facilitates understanding, insight, and application

The PaceSetter 360° does exceptionally well in both areas.
With so many 360° multi-rater instruments in the marketplace, choosing the tool best suited for your needs can be difficult. This powerful executive assessment offers an array of options that set it apart in a very crowded field of competitors. Whether you prefer a standard or customized version, our unique state-of-the-art platform can adapt to your business needs. Our consultants will work with you to design and develop a flexible, tailored approach that will fit the unique needs of your organization